The underlying design behind these Best in Show Award winning posters

What Lies Beneath   The underlying layers of Black Swan’s 2013 Poster series and how it took out the Best in Show at the Creativity International 43rd Print and Packaging Awards. Receiving Best in Show for any design work is a privilege and an honour that every design studio usually [...]

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Coffee, Croissants & Cabarets

Life can seem like a merry-go-round, sometimes it feels as though the perpetual motion is just spinning us around in circles and at others it is a joyous carnival ride filled with bright lights, melodic music and childhood memories of innocence and days gone by.  This year our merry-go-round was [...]

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Sweet Rewards – 5 Gold Awards!

Packaging has definitely impacted on the Dessein studio over the past few years, for it has been through our packaging designs that we have tasted our first international success. The Pentawards, recognises designers from around the world with their prestigous award for their packaging designs and celebrate with an award [...]

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