Welcome to the blog for Dessein!

A small boutique graphic design studio in Northbridge, Western Australia. We’ve been around for a quite a while… nearly 24 years actually and thought it was time we shared ourselves to everyone in cyberspace!

Our interests in our design work is varied, but the recent success of our package designs produced for Rubra coffee have made it clearer to us that packaging is one of the most favourite of all the work we do.

We love our coffee, and we love Rubra’s coffee too… especially the San Jose blend! What a pleasure it has been for us to design a suite of tea and coffee packaging solutions for Rubra. What an ever bigger pleasure it has been for us to have it recognised by our peers, with Dessein recently collaborating with Percival Print to win a gold pica award for the design, and a silver pica award for the printing of the Rubra tea packaging.

Additionally, Dessein has been recognised on the international stage with the 2010 Pentawards. The Pentawards recognise international packaging design across all levels of packaging. We cannot announce what we have won just yet, but let’s just say we are looking forward to receiving it soon!

Watch this space!