Yoni Pleasure Palace exemplifies an honest and natural approach to mindful self-pleasure and embodied exploration with their beautiful, intricate, and delicate glass and crystal pleasure wands and yoni eggs.

Founded in 2014 by Rosie Rees, a pleasure hedonist, modern-day nudist, sexuality coach and body image activist, the brand has garnered a loyal following.

Rosie is passionate about educating women on pelvic floor health using yoni eggs and inspiring a mindful, slowed-down approach to life using their bespoke products, while healing sexual blocks and learning to embrace their naked body. Yoni is more than a brand; it’s a wellness movement.
To visually align the brand’s core values and Rosie’s empowering philosophy, we crafted a packaging solution to reflect and celebrate self-love and the transformative experiences their products bring.

The brand’s essence is encapsulated and defined by the mandala. The mandala symbolising the interconnectedness of physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of self-pleasure and healing in a natural, positive way and focusing on the intimate wellness of self-love.
Refining and enhancing the logo was crucial to ensure simplicity, clarity and versatility of the brand was retained for print and embellishments including foil applications.

Drawing inspiration from the opulence, sophistication and timelessness of art deco design, the clean lines, symmetry and luxurious detailing are subtly woven into the overall packaging design.

A harmoniously balanced, modern design, featuring rose gold foil to help portray the premium quality of the products, the design serves as the visual cornerstone which is easily adaptable to both online platforms and retail environments.

The front of the packaging highlights the exquisite quality and design of Yoni’s glass pleasure wands revealed through the product photography. This deliberate choice emphasises the superior craftsmanship and the artistic merit inherent in each piece of glass, highlighting the intricate designs. The photographs hero each piece, inviting users to appreciate these pleasure wands not just as intimate products, but as unique works of art.
Having crafted a packaging solution to safeguard the products during shipping and storage, the solution also provides a delightful unboxing experience. A hard backed box with a magnetic closure, it has been designed as a keepsake.

Initially the inspiration for the packaging design was drawn from the skin, our body’s largest organ, and the sensory experiences it facilitates. This further positioning Yoni Pleasure Palace as comfortable as the skin one lives in, fostering connection across age, religion, and ethnicity.
The colour palette, inspired by diverse natural skin tones, focuses on neutral pinks and beige hues creating a feminine, sophisticated, elegant yet playful aesthetic. This intentional choice challenges societal taboos, it is natural, sensual and celebrates individuality.