First opening its doors in 1904, His Majesty’s Theatre is one of Western Australia’s most treasured heritage listed buildings. This iconic Edwardian Baroque masterpiece stands proud in the Perth CBD and today, continues to operate, echoing the nostalgia of a bygone era.

The need for clear, unobtrusive way-finding and informational signage was required by the theatre to assist visitors in navigating the space, while also helping to elevate their overall experience.

We consulted with His Majesty’s Theatre and carefully considered the heritage-listed regulations and guidelines. Designing a signage solution which seamlessly integrated with the building’s heritage and aesthetic grandeur was important. As too was ensuring designs met the Department of Communities Disability Services Accessibility Standards.

Designs involved the thoughtful selection of a modern, easy to read font, while each sign was edged in a matt gold finish – exuding warmth, luxury and aligning with the era and architectural features of His Majesty’s.

As part of our planning, flow of foot traffic, crowded spaces, lighting variations, sightlines and spatial constraints were important considerations. We ensured the position of the signs was a strategic decision to guide visitors and adhered to modern accessibility standards, while preserving the building’s visual and aesthetic appeal.