Founded by George Percival in 1972, his vision and legacy is deeply ingrained within the values of this multi-award-winning print and packaging company. A testament to the enduring power of tradition and a commitment to excellence, which half a century later, remains at the core of Percival Print & Packaging’s ethos.

This Australian owned company serves the commercial printing and packaging needs of Australasia. They have earnt their reputation as specialists in their field and are highly regarded for their craftsmanship as well as their sustainable, custom-made solutions.

Empowered by cutting edge innovation and technology, their tools of trade have evolved, however fifty years on, what hasn’t changed is their unwavering commitment to their time-honoured values.

It is these values – Mercy, Honour, Fortitude, Valour, Loyalty, Victory and Wisdom – which we masterfully translated into a ‘code of conduct’ creating a compelling promotional package to highlight Percival Print & Packaging’s point of difference.

Creatively packaged within a unique hardcover box, the ‘code of conduct’ features a booklet, together with a set of coasters. Both of which narrate this specialist printer’s values, each one characterised by a food product and thoughtfully designed with the ‘code of conduct’ brand to convey their diverse expressions.

The design embraces old and new forms of typography to illustrate both the traditional values and their commitment to embracing and leading with new technologies, further cementing themselves as a leader in their industry.

In 2022, they celebrated their esteemed past, commemorating their 50th anniversary with a bespoke gift box. We aligned the gift box brand to the ‘code of conduct’ hardcover box, booklet and coaster set, utilising an elegant black on black foil, which is elevated further with a gold foil embellishment. Inside, showcases some of the print and packaging solutions they have created in partnership with local Western Australian brands including, Morish Nuts, Perth Mint Chocolate, Bettany’s Nougat and Moontide Distillery’s White Pearl Gin.

Percival Print & Packaging’s established brand was also conveyed across their website, which seamlessly conveys their rich history, traditional values and dedication to quality through the use of their colour palette and typography.

Navigating the website, features used not only engage visitors by delivering a dynamic, user-friendly experience, but also convey important information about who they are now and what they do. This included the creative use of visual elements including photographs, icons and video. The outcome – a website that not only presents their award-winning print and packaging solutions, but also preserves Percival Print & Packaging’s timeless ethos to a global audience to explore and appreciate.