Situated on the picturesque South West coast of Western Australia, the Margaret River region is full of natural beauty. Renowned globally for its iconic surf breaks, it is a destination which effortlessly combines world-class wine, gourmet foods, pristine beaches, rugged coastlines, meandering inland rivers, towering timber forests and ancient underground caves.

This region is also home to Margaret River Natural Spring Water. Drawn straight from a natural aquifer on their family-owned farm, this single origin, pure, refreshing, spring water is bottled in small quantities and triple filtered directly at the source.

Derived from an abundant, sustainable and natural resource, which is replenished with winter rains, Margaret River Natural Spring Water is a true gift from mother nature, supporting good health and wellbeing for all.

Inspired by this seemingly magical location, the brand refresh focussed on showcasing the power of nature and the beauty of this ancient region. This unique design language celebrates nature, purity and authenticity with a custom logotype, which mimics the fluidity of water and signals Margaret River Natural Spring Water as something distinctly different from its competitors. This works seamlessly together with a stylised illustration, which depicts the region and its flowing spring.

Inspired by the coastal landscape, the colour palette includes pure, clean tones reflecting sparkling waters, blue skies and soft muted tones as the sun moves across the sky. The two hero colours – reminiscent of the bright, clear, blue ocean compliment the distinct blue of the fully recyclable bottles and are also supported by a secondary colour palette of softer coastal colours, conveying a lifestyle aspect to the brand.

We aligned Margaret River Natural Spring Water’s new visual identity across all branding materials and customer-facing components as part of our comprehensive service offering, helping to ensure a consistent representation of the brand’s identity, values and messaging to target markets.

Extending beyond traditional branding, our services also included an on-location photoshoot, which was strategically designed to bring the brand to life by capturing the true essence of the region. Additionally, our project brief also encompassed the design and development of an e-commerce website.