CATEGORIES: Branding. Packaging. Photography. Food Styling.
AWARDS: Bronze, World Brand Design Society 2022
Silver, Graphis Design Annual 2024

Natural Vanilla, an Australian family-owned business, create the most full-flavoured, premium quality vanilla extracts, pastes, ground vanilla, vanilla caviar, and pods – pure and natural – the way nature intended. Harnessing the true essence of vanilla, we created Natural Vanilla’s new brand centred on the vanilla orchid – as this is, at the core, where the second most expensive spice in the world is derived.

Blooming for less than a day, the vanilla orchid must be pollinated for it to produce a seed pod. Although vanilla orchids grown on plantations are meticulously pollinated by hand, the hummingbird native to South America, is just one of the few natural pollinators in the wild. We took inspiration from this extraordinary and unique circumstance and included this small but mighty bird as part of the Natural Vanilla brand to reflect the important role they play in nature.

Natural Vanilla was fuelled with the desire to develop a line of premium natural vanilla products amidst a food industry filled with artificial colours, ‘natural’ flavour enhancers, preservatives, fillers, allergens, chemical compounds and sweeteners.

Having spent more than 10 years perfecting their craft and developing their own in-house techniques to create their proprietary blends, we were inspired by the intense, rich vanilla flavour, colour and aroma of their products. This is reflected in their brand’s colour palette, set against gold to convey the product’s premium quality.

“We began our journey after several recommendations from our customers who have used Tracy, Geoff and the team for their rebrands. We love that our new look completely aligns with everything our brand stands for and sincerely appreciate all of your hard work and efforts to make our dream become a reality….. the new brand is exactly what it always knew it wanted to be,”⁠ Nina Henderson, Natural Vanilla.